Brand Canberra And The #CBR Hashtag

2013 marked the centenary for the city of Canberra. To coincide with this milestone the A.C.T. Government initiated a number of different marketing campaigns to promote the city of Canberra, the A.C.T and surrounding regions.

One of the more successful of these campaigns was the CBR promotion that is still in effect today.

The simple CBR hashtag is a success because of its simplicity. It is a way for Canberra based business’, events and people to quickly tag anything they do in the region without having a longer tagline that may be more intrusive or even get in the way of say a Twitter character limit.

#CBR is a quick way to see what is happening in the region, and thus gets the job done with minimal or effort on behalf of everyone that uses it.

The #CBR hashtag shows that a very simple concept can gather momentum if it can become a handy tool to other people. That is something that sometimes gets lost in social media marketing by people. It isn’t just about promoting your brand, its getting others to take ownership of your brand and help do the promoting for you.

That is where #CBR’s true success comes from.

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