Balancing Local, Regional, National, And International Marketing

One common issue a small business can run into is how it markets its brand and who it markets its brand to. If you run a business with one location, do you need to market your business beyond your local region?

The answer is, it depends on the type of business you run.

As a retailer you might find that you do need to market to a national, or international audience, especially if you sell a unique product and have the capacity to run an online business that allows you to ship your products far and wide.

On the other hand, if you only provide goods and services to a local region, marketing beyond that region could be seen as a waste of time and resources.

One thing we always tell clients is to consider where their core business lies, but to also consider where they would like their business to grow to. If you plan to open new locations or expand your business, you need to establish that audience reach early.

The difference between marketing to a smaller region, and marketing to a national audience can be subtle, but when you get the balance right, it can pay dividends through increased sales and a bigger profile for your company.

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